Bhutan 2009- The Land of Thunder Dragon

Bhutan 2009- The Land of Thunder Dragon


“If you are looking forward to know more about Bhutan, here is a magazine about Bhutan’s preserved ancient practices blended with modern living”

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Bhutan 2009 is a magazine published by Tourism of Bhutan. It features the story of Bhutan’s unique journey from a mythological past through the vibrant present into exiting future with the same destination- The Happiness of the People.  The contents of the books:- Wealth and Contentment, The Journey to Democracy and On the trial of the Snow Leopard and Singye Dzong.

It is used to provide a wealth of information, inspiration and creative ideas for readers.

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Tourism Council of Bhutan


Gateway to Bhutan for the outside world, It helps to improve reading habits and gain more knowledge


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