(དཀར་མེ་ཀོངམ།)- Copper Butter Lamp

(དཀར་མེ་ཀོངམ།)- Copper Butter Lamp


“If you wish for sublime realization, offer hundreds of lights.”

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Lighting butter lamps acts as a symbolic way of eliminating darkness and ignorance from this world. The butter lamps helps to focus the mind and aid meditation. Externally, the lights are seen to banish darkness.


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First, they bring light to the world.
Second, no matter where one is reborn, one’s eyes will be undamaged.
Third, one will gain heavenly vision.
Fourth, one will gain wholesome wisdom and the ability to differentiate between wholesome and unwholesome phenomena.
Fifth, the great darkness will be dispelled.
Sixth, one will gain illuminated wisdom.
Seventh, one will receive great merit.
Eighth, one will never be reborn in a realm of darkness.
Ninth, at the end of one’s life, one will reborn in a heavenly realm.
Tenth, one will quickly realize nirvana.


Offering butter lamp


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