Jinsek Zey Set (Sacred Fire Offering Ritual)

Jinsek Zey Set (Sacred Fire Offering Ritual)


“A ready made set for Jinsek Zey(Fire offering ritual) rimdro.”

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It is a ritual set for Jinsek Zey (Sacred Fire Offering Ritual) rimdro which includes Yamshing, Til kar (White sesame seeds), Yungkar (Mustard), Sowa (Whole grain rice), Na (Oats), Ka (Wheat), Tsa durwa (Grass), Tsa kusha (Thysanolaena maxima), Bilwa (Aegle marmelos), Menna (Aru,baru and churu mix), Tsampaka meto (Oroxylum indium), Goezung (Darna goena), Senma (Pea).

It is a ritual of offering using the fire element to accomplish any action quickly and powerfully.

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13 items:
Yamshing – 1 pkt,
Til kar (White sesame seeds) -1 pkt
Yungkar (Mustard)-1 pkt
Sowa (Whole grain rice) -1 pkt
Na (Oats) -1pkt
Ka (Wheat) -1 pkt
Tsa durwa (Grass) – 1 pkt
Tsa kusha (Thysanolaena maxima)- 1 pkt
Bilwa (Aegle marmelos) -1 pkt
Menna (Aru,baru and churu mix) -1 pkt
Tsampaka (Oroxylum indium) -1 pkt
Goezung (Darna goena) -1 pkt
Senma (Pea) – 1 pkt


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