Pee Safe Domina Female Condom

Pee Safe Domina Female Condom


“Not only take care of your pleasure but also your take care of all your pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections including HIV with Domina female condom”

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It is a soft inner sponge made with natural rubber latex with no artificial color and lavender fragrance at the same time comes with biodegradable disposable bags. Additionally, it comes with in a unique design with a width Of 75+/-2mm. It has highly Lubricated to reduces friction, which reduce your risk of injury during sex, also there is no side effect on your skin and health. Natural rubber latex is one of the safest forms of contraception and can stretch up to 800 percent also condom are tested electronically to ensure that the metal mandrel under the condom does not have electricity.  It is designed to be retained in the vagina during sexual intercourse to prevent pregnancy’s and transmission of sexually transmitted infections.


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Pee Safe


Prevents pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections including HIV


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Usage Instruction

1. Take the female condom out of the sachet. Make sure you do not use anything sharp to open the sachet.
2. Fold the sponge with your thumb and index finger to make it long and narrow.
3. Place the index finger on the inside of the condom and push the inside bracket ring (sponge) as far as it goes
4.To remove the female condom after use, twist the outer ring and gently pull


Do not use condom after the expiry date has been exceeded, Do not use female condom more than once, In case of a leak or a burst, seek immediate medical assistance


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