Puthka Honey- Stingless-Bee Honey

Puthka Honey- Stingless-Bee Honey


“A unique scarce honey with health benefits from the rich vegetation of southern Bhutan”

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Stingless bees, which are very small, measuring less than 5mm thus, they can suck the nectar from the deepest space of flowers. As a result the honey collected contains many vitamins and minerals than the ordinary bee honey. It has distinctive sweetness mixed with sour and acidic taste.
The honey of stingless bees are known to be enemy of diseases or mother medicine, which is known to have many health benefits. Consuming stingless-bee honey regularly helps in fighting bacteria, treating bronchial catarrh, sore throat and cough and cold.
It is an antiseptic and it helps to fasten wound healing, curing burns, boils and diabetic wounds. It has moistening properties and it is anti -ulcer, anti -inflammation, anti cancer and anti diabetic (lower glycemic index – taking longer time to absorb sugar in the blood stream)

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Jinlab Agro Products

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Sep, 2021

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Best before 6 months


100 ml


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