(སྲུང་སྐུད།)-The Handmade Blessed Sacred Talisman

(སྲུང་སྐུད།)-The Handmade Blessed Sacred Talisman


“The handmade blessed sacred threads to protect yourself from evil spirits and misfortune”


Sungkey are the hand made sacred threads which are blessed by the great lamas. They are also known as Sungdue or protection knots. In the middle of string a knot is tied which resembles a Vajra or thunderbolt, which symbolizes the indestructible and adamantine nature of the ultimate reality.

The moment one get sungkey immediately it is worn around their neck , saying “Tshey Ring, Tsho Sa, Ney nung” (Prolong life, Accumulate merits and reduce illness) . In Bhutan many people are seen wearing colorful Sungkey around their neck, the blessed protection cords are believed to have been invested with spiritual power and said to protect the persons who wear it from the problems, evil spirits and misfortunes.

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