Wooden Easel Shape Photo Frame

Wooden Easel Shape Photo Frame


“Decorate your home with beautiful photo memories.”

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A photo frame given an easel style for a different decor theme. It is made up of wood, mostly available in a triangular shaped with 3 legs – 2 in front and 1 in back. When you look at them from top, the shape resembles the letter “A”. The triangle shape makes it easier to tuck the easel into a corner, hence can be placed in any space. These types of easels are easy to store because the rear leg can be pushed forward, which flattens the easel for storing them in closets. It is easily portable because of that character.

Additional information

Country of Origin



Glass, Wood and Plywood


18 x 13.5cm


Beautifully decorate your home by keeping the photo in presentable way.


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